Phillies Hire Joe Dillon As Hitting Coach

NBC Sports: “In Washington, Dillon was the assistant to hitting coach Kevin Long. Long spent seven seasons as Girardi’s hitting coach with the Yankees.

Dillon, 44, played in the majors with the Marlins, Brewers and Rays. He has gained recognition around the game for marrying new-age science with old-school principles in coaching hitters. Long, in fact, has called Dillon “the best assistant hitting coach in the baseball.”

LFG!!! Phillies are winning it all next year. I’m just going to go ahead and say it. They are going to sign some arms and be right in the thick of it for the NL East. Went out and got a World Series winning manager, and now they are scooping up a World Series winning hitting coach. This team is going to be slugging the ball next year. After the Eagles ruin me in a few weeks, I’m going to be locked and loaded for baseball season.

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