I Was Front Row While Sisqo Performed The Thong Song, Here’s The Video And It’s Must See

Little back story here. The year was 2014, the Thong song at the time was 15 years old. Some might call it one of the all time classics. I was living in West Chester PA and in town their was a place called Alibis (RIP) that would have performs on weekends. Normally no name people but every now and then you’d get someone decent. Well for one of their last shows they booked the king of tiny underwear himself, Sisqo. Immediately it was a circle on your calendar event. My roomates and I bought tickets the second they went on sale.

Which brings me to my next point. Tickets for this show were bananas. I don’t mean that because they were like over $100 to see a washed up Sisqo. Nope, the opposite. They were $25 a ticket and that also included a 3 hour open bar. That’s right, for $25 I was able to drink all the Captain and Cokes my heart desired and I got to see the Thong Song from about 1 foot away. And I mean one foot, look at this picture, I was basically on stage:


Before you check out the video I do have to say Sisqo was overall very underwhelming. The Thong Song slapped, no denying that. He brought the heat for that and it delivered. But besides TS he sang: Incomplete, Half of unleash the dragon and This is why I’m hot. That last one if you remember correctly isn’t even his song. But that’s a power move you can pull when you’re a silver haired living legend.

So here is one of the billion clips I have, enjoy.


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