Hill I’ll Die On: Myles Garrett Deserves A Longer Suspension If He Is Lying About The Racial Slur

Little bit of a more serious HIDO this edition but feel like it’s an important one. We all know what happened, the Browns and Steelers got into a brawl. Mason Rudolph wasn’t happy about a tackle from Myles Garrett, he went after him, Garrett ripped his helmet off and hit him with it. A very serious incident that the NFL is not taking lightly. Today he had his appeal and he was denied. His indefinite suspension was upheld. In the wake of the hearing, news broke that Garrett reportedly heard Rudolph call him a racial slur. Rudolph’s lawyer came out immediately and denied all accusations.

Now, I’m not going to claim he 100% did say it or he 100% didn’t. I wasn’t there, you weren’t there, they only people who can say for certain are those involved.

The NFL looked into the matter and found no such evidence to support Garrett’s claim.

Personally, I don’t think Mason Rudolph said anything for a few reasons. 1. Why would it just be coming out now? Seems too convenient that during your appeal you are trying to justify your actions by saying there was a racial slur thrown out there. Feel like that is something you would have wanted the NFL to hear about prior to handing down the suspension. Or even it was announced Rudolph didn’t get suspended at all. That would make a lot more sense.

Also he is the only person claiming to have heard anything at all. Even his teammates were saying this is the first they’ve even heard about it.

To me that raises a huge red flag. If you were so upset about hearing a racial slur. Which by the way, not justifying his actions, but if Rudolph did drop a hard N, Garrett freaking out makes sense. Maybe not clubbing him but I think we’d all understand why he did.

But if you were so upset in the moment to rip his helmet off and attack him with it, than you would have mentioned it before today. You would have told your teammates, coaches, reporters, someone. There is no logical reason you would hold on to that information. Also if you saw Garrett’s post game presser, he seemed like he didn’t full grasp the seriousness of the situation.

The guy didn’t even seem to think it overshadowed the game at all. So personally I think this is an attempt to try and save some face.

And if that is true, if Myles Garrett is lying about the slur, the NFL should give him a longer suspension. That might sound drastic but you simply can’t accuse someone of being a racist and act like it’s not a big deal. I know Mason Rudolph and his attorney said they wouldn’t be progressing with legal action against Garrett for the hit. This though might be something they should think about pursuing. Labeling someone as a racist based off zero evidence is flat out defamation and it’s also dangerous.

I think the NFL is waiting for the Browns to officially be eliminated from playoff contention to announce the total games. Before this came out today I thought 16 total games was fair. One season’s worth. 6 this year and you’re back week 11 next year. But if he continues to call Mason Rudolph a racist, because let’s not beat around the bush, that’s what he is trying to paint him as. Then the NFL should think about giving him the entire year off next season.

Once again, let me be very clear. I’m not saying he is lying for sure. The only people that know that are those involved and right now it’s a he said she said.

My point is simply this, if he is in fact lying, the NFL has to make a statement. With our country’s climate as it is currently, labeling someone as a bigot or racist is a huge deal. He is putting Rudolph’s reputation, dignity and frankly safety on the line. And if you’re doing all that just to get out from something over the line you did, than you’re the worst kind of person. Pretty simple.

More to come.

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