Citizen’s Guide to the Supernormal – Episode 22

Crop Circles and Terrible Christopher Walken Impressions
Welcome back to the CGS Blog. It’s our one-year anniversary and we’re knee
deep in impeachment testimonies or witch hunt 2019, depending on where you get
your biases from. We’re just sitting here in the middle while mom and dad are
fighting. Much like when my parents fight, there’s no resolution and no matter the
outcome, tomorrow everyone still resents me for being born. To distract myself from
my childhood trauma and you from the embarrassment of the adult children in
Congress, here’s an episode about CROP CIRCLES, the second biggest hoax in
history depending on where you get your biases from.
I love this topic. Big shout out to Banner from Twitter, where ever you are
now, for giving us the subject matter. I went into this thinking it was a hoax and
honestly, I don’t know anymore. I’m not going to blow the ending for you but one
thing we all agreed on, this time, it wasn’t specifically Yetis. It’s nice to have a little
mystery in our lives. Things are a little crazy in the world but whichever reality you
subscribe to, it’s probably not ideal. At least the one we talk about in this episode
leaves a nice looking end result, regardless.
Love you!
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