This List Of The Nicest Fan Bases Makes Me Feel Worse About Being A Philly Fan

Obviously this is just some random tweeter girl’s opinion so at the end of the day, this list basically means nothing. With that being said, this list makes me feel way worse about being a Philly sports fan. She is either trolling, which actually would make the most sense. Say nicest fans but really she’s just being sarcastic and these are all the worst fans God ever created. I mean besides Eagles, these are all big time front runner teams. You replace Eagles with Cowboys and you’re looking at the worst possible fan assembled in sports history.

But maybe she is being serious and she just loves Eagles fans. I’m fine with that, I think Eagles fans are completely misunderstood. We are a very approachable bunch. Those idiots that fought Mike Scott were outliers, but that’s everywhere. The rest of us are a real delight. But once you see names like Lakers and Yankees it makes you start to think. Maybe we are big bags of dogshit after all. No way someone in their right state of mind could think Lakers fans are nice. They literally hate their best player and destroy any and everything created in his honor. And Yankees fans, don’t even get me started. Those pricks pride themselves on being ruthless and insufferable assholes. All postseason long this year the announcers couldn’t stop talking about how playing in Yankees stadium is so tough due to the fans being rude to the other team.

You’d think hearing you’re part of a fan base that people love but gotta be honest. This ruined my day. Started reading the tweet and said “awwww”, then line two I went right to “Ugh, oh no.” Thanks for the shout out JR but please do a recount for the rest of these. We need to introduce you to some Canadians.

Featured Image: Philly Voice

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