Sidney Crosby Out 6 Weeks: And I’m Actually Sad

I have been thinking about posting this for about a week now, and its time I did.

It was announced about 6 days ago that Sidney Crosby was going to be out 6 weeks to undergo surgery on a core injury, and that makes me pretty sad. Let me explain. I don’t hate any player in the NHL, AHL, or ECHL. I just hate certain players when they play certain teams. I can’t stand Sid and company about 6-10 times a year when the play the Avalanche and Flyers.

Okay, that was a lie, I will never like the Bruins. But, David Pastrnak is nasty, and has the greatest number in hockey.

Why am I sad that Crosby is out? It’s simple. Crosby is arguably the greatest player in the show right now. When you are called “The Next One” you are a special hockey player. With Crosby being out six weeks, us as hockey fans are being deprived of the best product that could be on the ice. Flyers fan, Penguins fan, it doesn’t matter. No one likes when a player gets hurt, and it sucks for us as viewers that the best player in the show is out.

You can cry out “Crosby Sucks” when his name is called, but you know you are lying to yourself. My guy has 3 Stanley Cups, 5 gold medals, and has list of achievements larger then most teams will have in a decade.

I will undeniably get grief for this, but I have spoken. The NHL is worse when the best players are injured.

Lets hope that Sidney makes a speedy recovery, and an even quicker exit in the first round of the playoffs this year.

-Intern Mitch

Featured Photo- The Athletic

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