NCAA Making James Wiseman Pay a Charity, Even Though the NCAA Doesn’t Pay James Wiseman

In the NCAA’s constant effort to catch FIFA for most corrupt Association, they suspended Memphis’ James Wiseman for 12 games for his housing fallout. Butttttt that’s not all they did:

The balls on the NCAA to tell an eighteen year old to drop 11 Grand on a charity when they don’t even pay the kid in the first place. Also gotta love the “of his choice” portion of that as if this gives Wiseman some sort of freedom to spend $11,500 the NCAA won’t allow him to profit to begin with.
I’m not shocked that it took Memphis about 10 minutes to get into trouble after regaining basketball notoriety for the first time since Derrick Rose (also resulted in a scandal). But I am shocked at how the NCAA has gone about the issue that had landed them in trouble. Make no mistake about it, them forcing Wiseman to donate a significant amount of money to a charity, is their new way of penalizing via fine. It sets a horrible precedent for an already severely corrupt organization that stoops to new lows every day.
The NCAA and its corruption are in their final days. They caused their own demise. Guess they are just going out swinging.
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