Hue Jackson On Why He Decided To Not Lead Colin Kaepernick’s Workout

Good for Hue Jackson here. Poor guy was about to get the old Cleveland Brown’s treatment and take another big L but said screw it, I’m out. Great move. He wants a job in the NFL again, whether or not he should get one is a totally different story. But what he did was respect the shield and no faster way to get a job than to do just that. Also my man didn’t want  to get yanked around and have to drive another hour+ away for no real reason. I have no dog in the race, I would actually like to see Kaep back in the league. He clearly has the talent. But when the NFL is going out of their way to set up a workout for you and you decide to just poo-poo all over it. You can’t be shocked if people are going to look at that like a sign of disrespect. No idea what happens from here. If I had to guess I’d say Kaep doesn’t make a roster this year unless their is another plague and it only effects starting quarterbacks.

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