CEO Joe Should Have No Problem Staying At This Japanese Hotel For $1 Night

$1 a night to be live-streamed? I’ve been filmed doing worse things for no incentive at all. Joe just got drunk on a livestream while he burned spaghetti squash like it was no problem. This Japanese hotel has no frills either. You don’t have to do any x-rated Japanese pixel porn, you’re required to change in the bathrooms, not allowed to bring any strange home from the bar and play two in the pink one in the stink. ISIS beheadings, kiddie porn, and Logan Paul videos make it through the YouTube algorithm censors all the time. There’s no difference from live-streaming this hotel room and a Joel Osteen sermon.

Make me earn the incentive Japan. At least get your YouTube views up, make a couple advertising dollars to up that bottom line. I’ve willingly stayed in hotel rooms in Atlantic City worse than this.



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