Ump Gets Roasted By A Mom, Cries And Leaves Mid Game


I mean, the “are you mad because the kids are taller than you” comment is a death blow. No coming back from that. You’re a 45+ year old little league umpire that’s had all you can handle from these parents today. You try to tell the adults to STFU or you’re using the power invested in you by the baseball gods to shut this shit down. As you’re about to get back to your duties and turn the other cheek, some stay at home mom rocks you with a haymaker. That’s a TKO ladies and gentlemen. Something had to happen, can’t ignore a comment like that.

My only disappointment in this video is he didn’t go complete freak out. Call her a bitch and launch the ball into the parking lot. Grab home plate and bring it with you so those rat bastards can’t finish up the game. Umps deal with wild shit all the time from fans, coaches, players and now twaty moms? Nope, got to make an example out of her for your ump brethren. I give the decision to leave an A+, the execution a D-. You had your shot to be remembered forever, you blew it.

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