Robot Man Loose In West Philadelphia

I love this city. Philadelphia is basically the Purge just 24/7 – 365. Pure anarchy round the clock. Today running around the streets of Philly, a man dressed in a robot costume knocking on doors all willy nilly.


*Iiiiiiinnnnnnn West Philadelphia born and raised. There’s a man in robot suit appears to be crazed*

 The most shocking part about this story by far, is the fact that somebody actually called the police. I mean this is nothing but just a slow Tuesday in the city of brotherly love. I’m sure he has no intention of hurting anybody, he just made a sweet robot suit and he wants to show it off to all of his neighbors.

I tip my cap to this guy, he’s got balls of steel. (Pun 100000% intended.) Either that or he doesn’t remember what happened to the last robot roaming the streets of Philadelphia.

That’s right, do you guys remember hitch bot? Little guy was just trying to thumb it across the country, stepped into Philadelphia and next thing you knew he was shrapnel. You better keep your head on a swivel when you enter the city if you’re JD Drew, Santa Claus or just some robot.

Good luck to this guy, I hope he finds whatever it is he’s looking for. Maybe he just wants to show off his super sweet robot outfit or maybe he’s looking for Mrs. crazy robot lady. Either way, I hope he finds it.


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