LeBron Is So Insecure Because He Knows Kobe’s Daughter Gigi Would Smoke Bronny Jr On The Court

Update: This was originally published in November 2019. I will not make any edits because I stand by everything I said. Gigi Bryant 4 Ever.

Kobe was finally courtside for his first Lakers game this year with LeBron pretending to be a Laker great and “respecting what Kobe did for the Lakers organization”. LeBron was trying so hard to impress Kobe, dapping him up and then hitting a 3.

I guess whatever it takes to motivate the Lakers to win but I can’t help but notice how desperate for Kobe’s affection LeBron looks. LeBron wishes he had an entire city and multiple other countries show him love the way they cheer for Kobe. What stadium is LeBron going to retire and get a standing ovation at when he’s sitting courtside? I’m not sure even Cleveland is that desperate.

But maybe it’s not the presence of a real Laker great that has LeBron shook. It’s because Gigi Bryant was sitting courtside next to him. All LeBron wants is to have a son that does exactly everything he did, goes pro so he can be overbearing on him, probably end up coaching his team and coming out of retirement to beat his son in the Finals. But there’s no denying Gigi Bryant would put Bronny Jr in a blender if they ever played one on one. Bronny Jr is going to be a blip in the radar once Gigi Bryant changes the game.

I mean come on, that jumper is WET, you could hear that go in. Kobe made an entire brand out of that move right there and Gigi has mastered it at age 13. The footwork, the vision, the killer instinct–she’s everything LeBron James wants in a son.

Bronny Jr’s highlights are pretty much just LeBron reacting to him play. People aren’t going to games to watch Bronny Jr play, they are going to see how LeBron will make himself look like an idiot to be the center of attention like he always does.

One on one Bronny might be able to back down in the post and bank in a few layups against Gigi but on a fast break Gigi would break his little ankles. I don’t have an official listed height but Kobe’s 6’6 so Gigi has got to be at least 5’10 at this point. Bronny Jr is only 6’2; he could barely play QB in the NFL.


Gigi’s game is multi-dimensional and we know which household preaches about defense. Show me one clip of Bronny Jr fighting for a loose ball like this:

Plus LeBron literally says he was trying to put on a show for one of the greatest [female] basketball players in the crowd. LeBron’s probably trying to win Gigi over to be with Bronny Jr so he can have a second chance at his dream as a grandpa if Bronny Jr doesn’t work out exactly how he wants.

Lakers are 11-2 and all LeBron is worrying about is impressing Gigi Bryant. With that crossover, I’d be worried too.



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[…] LeBron Is So Insecure Because He Knows Kobe’s Daughter Gigi Would Smoke Bronny Jr On The Court […]


[…] LeBron Is So Insecure Because He Knows Kobe’s Daughter Gigi Would Smoke Bronny Jr On The Court […]

Darrel Benny
February 22, 2020 4:04 pm

She wouldn’t smoke bronny LMAO. You can’t determine something that hasn’t been shown which makes your scaling look redundant, would bronny break her (little) ankles? It depends. Not to mention he has more experience than she does, not only that he’s more faster in both running and reaction speed he can also dunk on her. Now Gigi is good at shooting as well and would be able to score on bronny. But your whole points seem biased and stupid

Other than that, I’d say they’re 2 different players that have their advantages and disadvantages