EDP Goes On A Racist Rant


EDP is the worst. Guy has always been just a loudmouth loser but this seems pretty far over the line no? Let’s run through some of the racist nonsense he spews here:

  • Nelson balancing watermelons on his head
  • Calls Nelson a “black ass Monkey”
  • Also calls him a “Black ass banana eating gorilla”
  • “Back in Zimbabwe”
  • Calls JJ Arcega-Whiteside a “Mexican Ese”

That was just a clip of the video too, not the entire thing. I’d be willing to guess there is more on there but I wouldn’t give him a click with my life depended on it. Not sure how YouTube hasn’t banned him already. Besides the fact that he is posting openly racist tirades, he’s also painfully unfunny. His whole shtick got old real fast and the fact that people still find him entertaining is bananas. I would go as far to say he’s one of the worst things to ever happen to the Philadelphia fan base. If you had to power rank them:

  1. Snowballs at Santa
  2. EDP becoming “famous”
  3. Throwing batteries at JD Drew
  4. Puke-mon
  5. Kid eating horseshit

It would be a real shame if everyone went to YouTube and reported his account. Feel like that type of thing would get a guy banned. You would hate to see that and we’d hate to have to blog about EDP getting tossed. Just would be a real shame, so no one go to YouTube and report him please. Don’t do it.


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