Which Thunder Player Do You Think Owes Teanna Trump Money?


In a now deleted tweet Teanna Trump is demanding an OKC Thunder player pays her the money he owes her. The theory and honestly most likely scenario is this is money for flights and sex that was promised but never delivered on. Teanna has been to jail and just strikes me as someone you shouldn’t try and rip off, this tweet seems like the final warning before something actually happened. If you’re new here and aren’t familiar Teannas work I have some links for you to check out below.

NSFW Teanna Trump and a blind guy.

NSFW Teanna Trump at a construction site.

NSFW you for sure know who she is you just wanna watch porn.

Now that you have familiarized yourself with her work let’s take a look at the Thunders roster and irresponsibly guess who she was talking about.

Obviously it isn’t CP3 because that dude is a fucking wet blanket. My first guess was Dennis Schroeder, he’s European so he obviously pays for sex but I don’t know if Teanna would be down. That stupid blonde stripe is a big turn off. My next thought would be Galinari. He’s a decent looking Italian guy he feels very cheap, can’t imagine him paying for some strange.

I’ve got it narrowed down to two culprits. Justin Patton, mostly because I know nothing about him and he looks like he’d stiff a pornstar after having the night of his life and Nerlens Noel. I’m leaning Nerlens. I love the guy and this is a tough look to just not pay your sex partners but Nerlens feels like a wild boy and you can tell he’d be down if Teanna slid through with an offer. No judgment I think if we’re being honest we all would if we had his capital. The tweet has been deleted which makes me think her message was received and funds have been transferred.

Part of me hopes I’m wrong and it’s like Mike Muscala cause that would just be hilarious.

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