Weather Advisory in Philly: Frost is Coming

2017 NHL Draft, Flyers trade Brayden Schenn to St Louis for 2 first round picks and a throw in player. The Flyers use that second first round pick, 27th overall, to draft Morgan Frost. Frost should have gone higher, but his small build made him less then appealing for most General Managers, except for Ron Hextall.

After 4 seasons in the OHL for the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds (where Pronger played), he made his professional debut this season. He had a strong preseason for the Flyers, but could not stay healthy. It was obvious the Flyers higher ups begrudgingly sent him down to the Phantoms. In 16 games the 20 year old center has put up 12 points, and the Flyers are struggling. Time for the kid to make an impact.

Frost was called up this morning, and is slotted in on the number one line between G and TK. The Flyers media blew up today after the news of the call up. With Farabee playing well, I think the Flyers internally made themselves better today.

Flyers play the Panthers tomorrow at 7pm, and you better believe I will be watching.

-Intern Mitch

Featured Image- Courier Post

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