The Most Canadian Thing Ever.

You know what would be nuts? If Canada had a version of American Ninja Warrior that was just all hockey skills. If you haven’t heard, Red Bull runs a game called “Crashed Ice”. What it basically is, is men and women in hockey gear skating down a downhill course with jumps and turns. Its absolutely nutty.  The officially boring name is “Ice Cross”. We call it Crashed Ice and so should you.

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If you are interested its the new season begins next month.

Then Hockey Canada tweeted this amazing 38 second video on twitter.

I don’t need to tell you whats going on here, but it’s the most Canadian thing ever. Puck handling on a frozen pond? I could die happy.

My idea is that you take a concept like Crashed Ice where you have a stick and puck, and if you loose your puck by the end of the race, you lose! Now, doing it downhill would be a death wish, but a flat course would be nice.

It’s crazy to think that they don’t do stuff like this more often, or maybe they do and we just don’t hear about it in The States!

-Intern Mitch

Crashed Ice Photo

Hockey Canada Tweet

Featured Image- Cottage Life

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