Isaiah Wynn Better Be As Good As Tony Romo Thinks He Is Or The Patriots Are Fucked


For the amount of times Tony Romo mentioned Isaiah Wynn’s name during the Patriots……over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, you would think he has some insider knowledge on how good Wynn can be. He’s played all of 2 games so far in his entire career but Patriots fans are holding their breath that Wynn can at least take the name Marshall Newhouse out of our vocabulary. The Newhouse needs a new house jokes aren’t good enough to last another 7 games.

If I had the mental stamina to re-watch that game I’d go back and make a compilation video of all the times Tony Romo mentioned Isaiah Wynn during this game. We’ve been a little spoiled this season with the lack of Romo on the Patriots calls so I think he just wanted to make up for it. But it was audibly noticeable how many times Tony Romo described his return like Paul Pierce rolling out of that tunnel in a wheelchair.

Well, there you have it. What Tony Romo says always goes, right? People love to suck his dick for calling plays before they happen so he better be correct about Isaiah Wynn being the savior of the Patriots 9-1 season. We cannot be expected to endure another 60 minutes of 43 back and forth 3 and outs. If Tom Brady just has another .3 seconds to throw the football I’m convinced we’ll be back on track to being the ’85 Bears or even the ’18 Patriots.

In all honesty this fanbase cannot handle another 60 minutes of watching Marshall Newhouse line up next to Tom Brady. Whether or not he’s been the only problem on this line he’s the scapegoat and we will not start pointing fingers anywhere else until he’s removed from the narrative. I fear for his safety more than Brady’s if Wynn doesn’t come back this week.


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