I’m Not Talking About The Eagles Game But If I Were Here’s What I’d Say


Yesterday’s game was one of those absolute worst case scenario games. You’d rather lose a game by 30 than lose a game in that fashion. After the first quarter it looked like the Eagles had a chance to run away and hide with this game. Not the case. Lane Johnson went down and the offense died immediately.

I don’t want to dive too deep into the data with this game, just want to hit the highlights. First off, tip your cap to this defense. They played out of their minds. They got pressure, they made great plays on the ball and forced Brady to look average.

If someone would have told you Sunday morning the defense was going to show up and put that type of performance up. You’d think the Eagles were walking away with an easy win. Unfortunately the offense couldn’t hold up their side of the deal. After taking the early 10-0 lead the Eagles wouldn’t score again. There are a lot of fingers that could be pointed. Yes the receivers dropped passes. I’m not sure you can really blame Nelson for the one on the final play of the game. See a ton of twitter saying if he just catches that it’s a tie game. True but it shouldn’t have even come down to that.

Which brings me to Carson. Wentz looked completely lost yesterday. After the drive that started on our own 5 yard line I thought this was going to be his franchise defining game. I mean they drove right down the field with ease but that’s where his day ended.

After that drive he was holding the ball way too long and missing throws a professional quarterback just has to make. The worst of it coming on the second to last drive where Carson missed 3 throws in a row that the team needed.

We’re not going to say much more. This game was one that the Eagles needed and should have had. If the defense played that way all season they might come into this game with only 1 or 2 losses. Both sides of the ball have let us down this year at some point. We’re on to Seattle. Eagles get a win next Sunday, Cowboys take their lumps in New England and the division is still up for grabs. Lot of football left to play, you never know what can happen.

Bottom line: Carson has to be better. Doug has to be better. These receivers need to be replaced. The talent we all thought we had coming into this season isn’t playing up to even close to their potential.

Once again. We’re not talking about the Eagles today.

Featured Image: The Ringer

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