I Was Today Years Old When I Learned How Corks Are Made


I just don’t know anything about how this planet works. I knew corks came from trees, I just had know idea we basically sheer tress like sheep to make them. Before seeing this I would have assumed we just make them from some form of squishy wood. There are like 10 billion types of trees on this planet. Easily could be one that is naturally made for stopping wine. Wine has been around since before Jesus, so makes sense that it has to be easy for people to acquire. I mean the apostles weren’t working with hydraulic powered machines.

Will say though, when I think of this as a tree getting circumcised, not as big of a fan of that thought rattling around my head. Don’t love the idea of tree dick skin touching my fresh glass of merlot. Got to take the bad with the good I guess.

PS: Fuck this guy

Buddy, we’re Americans, we’re stupid. If that bothers you that’s on you. We’re not all cork harvesters relax.

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