Does Nick Saban Owe Me Money For A Flight?

Tua underwent successful surgery today to fix his hip injury he sustained on Saturday afternoon.

That’s great for him and I hope he returns to full form and yada yada yada. The real issue here is that he’s out for the season and Nick Saban has basically screwed me from winning the Battle 4 The Peach. Tomorrow night we’ll get an updated playoff standings and it’s not going to change a bit for the top 4. They all won, so they are all still in which means Bama is still on the outside looking in. I hoped and dreamed Georgia would lose to Auburn and set up an Iron Bowl where Bama could get a quality win in Auburn. Now that has all gone to shit.

Auburn is now a three loss team meaning that going there and winning doesn’t have the same impact it would if they were higher ranked. Also because Nick decided to play Tua, not sure why, he got destroyed. So now Bama turns to their backup quarterback. Mac Jones. I’ll give it to him, he has an amazing SEC quarterback name. That alone should be worth 3 points on the spread. But is Mac Jones going to be enough? Will the committee give Bama a shot if they do win the Iron Bowl and one of the top 4 slip up?

I’m not sure but what I am sure of is if they don’t Nick Saban owes me money. I will have to cover my own flight to Atlanta for the Peach Bowl now due to Saban’s arrogance. Horseshit. If any of you have Saban’s venmo please pass that along to me. He’ got a request coming his way and seeing as he makes $8.7 million a year, he can spare $350. Don’t be an ass hole Nick. You broke my heart to pieces when you decided to leave Michigan State back in the day. Now you stomped on what was left by getting Tua hurt. Pay it forward.

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