Baseball Hall OF Fame Ballot Released And We Got Some Phillies On There

Will ya look at it, just look at it:


Bobby No Hustle, Raul Ibanez, Scott Rolen, Curt Schilling, Billy Wagner (ehhhhh) and Cliff Lee too. Solid showing from the city of brotherly love. Of these six I love Rolen and Wagner to get in. Bobby is close but not sure he has enough and Cliff Lee is bizarre to me. 4 time all-star, Cy Young award winner and lights out in the playoffs. But his career numbers just aren’t over whelming. They definitely really good 3.52 ERA and 143 wins. If I were a betting man I’d say he gets in but it won’t be this year I don’t think.

Every year is going to be a question of is Curt Schilling going to get in the Hall. Numbers alone he should be in but people hate him. I think he’s a no brainer and keeping out just because he is a loud mouth is wrong. Guy has three rings and a post season ERA of 2.23 and a career WAR of over 79. Stop being stupid and let the man in.

Baseball HOF voting needs to be taken out of the writers hands. Worked back in the day but it’s time to make a change. Too many guys get on a power trip and try to make moral stances instead of just doing their job.

Featured Image: Press Of Atlantic City

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