Stephon Gilmore Knew He Could Get In Zach Ertz’s Head Because He Cries On Film A Lot

This is not a click bait or twisted words headline. Stephon Gilmore watched a lot of film on Zach Ertz this week, especially knowing the Patriots defense would be without Patrick Chung, who would normally spend a lot of the time on him. And what jumped out most is how much Zach Ertz weeps.

He doesn’t talk a lot a lot but when he does boy does it cut deep. I don’t know if Zach Ertz, most known for being Julie Ertz’ husband, can come back from this one. Towards the end of the game there were some words exchanged between the two and Gilmore got the last word as he typically does in these situations.

But to have two weeks of study on him and specifically call out his emotional stability is first degree murder from Gilmore. A good cornerback strategizes for more than just a playbook and when you get some all 22 of nothing but waterworks you have to expose it.

Sure enough, the footage is not exactly difficult to uncover.

Cry all you want in the privacy of your own bathroom but it’s tough once you put it on film so many times. Now mental magicians like Stephon Gilmore and Bill Belichick know how to eliminate you from the game. It’s Patriots 101.

Every day I wake up remembering the fact that some people doubted Bill Belichick’s decision to get rid of Malcolm Butler and pay Stephon Gilmore the big contract.

Philadelphia men are the most emotionally in tune group in the entire country, it really is to be applauded. Women everywhere have to be proud of such raw vulnerability.



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