Eagles Fall Short And CEO Joe Has To Pay The Price

I really want to like you Philadelphia I honestly do but you all make it impossible. I just want you to be realistic. I told you after you lost to the Cowboys your season was over, Dallas did you a disservice and let you get your hopes up. Unless you’re an idiot you should see the writing on the wall. There is no miricale end of the year run incoming. This was the game to bring you into the upper echelon of teams after you floundered all year but no, you couldn’t do it. Not only did you waste the best defensive performance you’ll see all year you wasted your shot to end the “little brother narrative”. You guys were SO bad for SO long and you finally won one and you’ve been on a high for two years, its well deserved but at some point the high ends and you realize your just some random junky. It isn’t going to get better.

Moving onto CEO Joes punishment. As you all saw I let him make all of the rules in this post. I do have one request and that is Joe should have to do the entire power hour from his wheelchair. I know he is embarrassed about his age but I know how bad his knees are and really want him to be comfortable. As for the beverage, of course Joe will be taking a shot every minute for an hour all while talking to no one but the stream. I don’t trust Joe. He is a scumbag from Philly so Joe no slight of hand okay? Can’t put it past a loser like him to try and slip some water shots in, he’s probably planning on doing shots of White Claw and that’s not happening either.

Last but not least, this may actually be the most important part of the blog, has anyone seen Kyle? That square headed idiot was nonstop talking for about, oh I don’t know the fist 18 minutes or so. Since then radio silence. I am truly worried because between you and me he is just a skinny Lenny and I feel like he has access to some rabbits.

Heres a goody for the road. See ya next year Philly.

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