We Found The New Eagles Fight Song For This Weekend

Hey New England, you can shove Tom Brady up your ass!

Hey Eddie, Ali, & Boats, you can shove Tom Brady up your ass!

Everyone else against the Eagles on Sunday? You can shove Tom Brady, shove Tom Brady, shove Tom Brady up your ass!

This will be replace the fight song when the Eagles score a touchdown Sunday. I love these Australian blokes getting fucked up on Everclear, slushy, and food coloring dressed in Eagles gear out in Vegas. Jeffrey Lurie has to fly these guys in and get them to be honorary captains for the coin toss. They probably won’t even be the drunkest at the tailgate honestly. I would put my finest cretin from Upper Darby in his best cargo jean shorts to go against these guys drink for drink. The winner gets to become mayor of Ridley.

You could fit a couple Tom Brady’s up that ass.

Screen Shot 2019-11-15 at 8.05.41 PM.png


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