Ultimate Battle 4 The Peach Breakdown

We have reached crunch time with Atlanta on the line in the #Battle4ThePeach presented by Gameday Guide. As we’ve now hit Week 12 of the college football season, the Peach Bowl picture is starting to become a lot clearer. Here is a breakdown of the CFP Rankings as they currently stand with who of us bloggers is in the best shape

*Teams Ranked in the Top 25 Only*

#1 LSU (@Jay_Roget) – At 1:30pm last Saturday, almost everyone expected Alabama to beat the Tigers. By Tuesday, LSU is #1 in the country, Ed Orgeron is discussing ham sandwiches on Get Up, and Joe Burrows is going to save the Cincinnati Bengals. The only issue with LSU making the Peach Bowl isn’t their performance on the field; it’s which playoff game they choose to take. If LSU wins out, they likely can choose which playoff site they want and call their shot. Maybe the go Fiesta. Or maybe they lose to Georgia in three weeks.


#2 Ohio State (@ESJ_4) – What a fucking shock that Chase Young is getting his suspension rescinded and he only had to miss a game against Maryland and a glorified Bye Week against Rutgers. He’ll be back for Penn State and Michigan…I’m sure that was just an incredulous coincidence of timing and nothing more. Growing up in Central PA, you’re schooled to hate OSU. So, Ohio State is the perfect team for Eddie because we agree on absolutely nothing. I recently told Eddie we probably couldn’t agree on the color of the sky and he responded “well I’m sure the color of the sky in Philly isn’t great so probably”. As if New England is some destination vacation site in the middle of November. I just hope and pray James Franklin pulls a rabbit out of a hat and doesn’t fuck this up for once. Just beat OSU this one time.


#3 Clemson (@joey_boats) – I can’t believe Boats spent the entire season making videos in which he claimed Clemson was getting disrespected and counted it out. And then it actually happened! The undefeated, defending champion Clemson tigers were on the outside looking in after the first rankings were released. Fortunately for them, they have the most direct route to Atlanta. The ACC is ass butter nuggets and other teams will knock each other out. It’s probably a good thing Boats is getting this trip because if he can produce that amount of content he does sitting in his car, who knows what he can produce if we give him the entire city of Atlanta.


#4 Georgia (@kmess22) – Every Georgia fan has seen this movie before. No clue how they are ahead of the Crimson Tide but we’ll see how long that lasts. This team wins the SEC East every year, and then loses their second game of the season in the SEC Championship every year.  I just hope Kevin uses all of his sports Karma points on Georgia so that the Cowboys falter down the stretch and lose the division.

#5 Alabama (@JoePopBrand) – Ohhh Joe, man is Bama in trouble after that loss at home to LSU. They have a clear ceiling and need some obvious help to creep back into the Top 4. Sometimes the schedule doesn’t break your way. Sometimes you’re the CEO of the company and have to book the AirBnb so you go to Atlanta anyway.


#6 Oregon – What a dark horse these Ducks are. This team is open right now (RIP in peace Dave) so this could be most clicks and you’re in type of deal. All of us bloggers should be on the Oregon train right now.


#7 Utah (@RonnieThompson_) – Hey Ronnie, of all Utah’s wins over Top 25 teams this year, which one was your favorite?

#9 Penn State (@GamblinDan88) – I’m still so in on Penn State making the playoff. Their season always comes down to beating Ohio State and nothing has changed. If they do (and it’s a big IF with James Franklin), they’ll get another shot at Minnesota. This time it’ll be on a neutral site and not at 11am in bumfuck Minnesota. Dan is a gamblin’ man and if I were too I’d have faith in Penn State.

#10 Oklahoma (@aliweitz) – Hey Ali, remember that Battle 4 The Sugar shtick I did? Yeahhhh you should probably steal that now. Classic Oklahoma, they drop 40 a game and their defense still ruins it for them. #Battle4TheSugar

#11 Florida (@ImJust_Ru) – Ru apparently hates Florida as a Miami fan so I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that Florida is out of it. Much like the Oklahoma defense, the Florida offense has ruined things once again.

#12 Auburn (@BrandedKyle) – Kyle is shooting up the ranks at Branded but Auburn is heading the other direction. Their schedule has been absolutely brutal and it’s not letting up with games against Georgia and Alabama still to go. At least they’ve got some great opportunities to play spoiler.

#15 Michigan  – Everything I say about Michigan here, I’ll probably say about Notre Dame next. They are overrated and never stood a chance. It’s tiring to give them attention like this every year.

#16 Notre Dame (@BastardProphet) – Speaking of tiring to pay attention to. I’m glad we got this ND charade out of the way early. I have a feeling the two losses they have this season are really going to put a damper on the “WE PLAYED GEORGIA CLOSE ONCE” banner ceremony.

#19 Texas (@aidan_34_powers) – We are so fucking back baby!!! Texas is back. I am back. WE are back. Texas big win over Kansas State got them into the Top 25 so ignore the video in which I cry because they have three losses already. This season is back on track and there is no stopping us now! I am going to rage my fucking face off at the Alamo Bowl.

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