Tom Brady And LeBron James Are Absolutely Not One In The Same


My two favorite athletes of all time are Tom Brady and Kobe Bryant. Two men who selflessly dedicated themselves to one team to bring happiness and championships to their respective cities. Revered for their competitive natural, relentless work ethic and overall win record, those two have inspired generations of impressionable youth for their 20 year careers.

And would you look at this motherfucker trying to come in and insert himself where he has no business speaking. LeBron couldn’t touch the fur inside Tom Brady’s UGGs.

Tom Brady is 6-3 in Super Bowls, LeBron is 3-5. Those are as close to opposite stats as you can get. In this photo Tom Brady was already a Super Bowl MVP. LeBron wouldn’t sniff a championship for another decade. To compare these two is utter disrespect to the greatness of Tom Brady and I will disavow this comparison.

Screen Shot 2019-11-15 at 9.04.19 PM.png

The most offensive part of this narrative is that Tom Brady called LeBon his “friend”.

No way this flies on the TB12 Method.

Maybe if you spent more time focusing on pliability and hydration people would call you the GOAT too. Load management isn’t in Tom Brady’s vocabulary. He’d probably hurt himself if he took a night off. In fact I don’t want my Los Angeles Lakers own LeBron James anywhere near Tom Brady. He’s a bad influence.

Now the social media teams for these two won’t stop going back and forth with each other on Twitter, and it’s making me a bit nauseous.

Obviously LeBron cannot let anyone else have the last word. He’s wins every quote tweet off just like he does posting screenshots of a screenshot of a screenshot of him listening to someone’s new album on Instagram story. You don’t ever win against LeBron on social media, he’ll just wear you down.

Doesn’t get less funny than this guy. It doesn’t even make sense. This doesn’t make it further than 20 yards. Mediocre QB at best. I’d take him over Mitch Trubisky and that’s maybe it.



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