The NFL Is Putting Hue Jackson In Charge of Colin Kaepernick’s Workout


At this point I don’t really care if Colin Kaepernick gets signed to a team. You gotta feel like there’s at a minimum 12 teams right now that could use him. But if you don’t think the NFL is completely fucking him over of a legit opportunity to play football, having Hue Jackson run this workout should do the trick.

This whole thing is such a setup with none other than Satan himself at the helm. Roger Goodell and his brilliant and well paid PR team are at it again. First the workout gets scheduled for a Saturday afternoon the week of a game, now we’re announcing the teams that are going to be there? Who the fuck cares? Goodell wants it well known who is and isn’t attending this workout. It’s like a Facebook invite in 2009. Before you commit to going, you have to see who else has RSVP’d.

Hue Jackson is one of those people that you definitely don’t want to see on that list. The kind of guy that’ll drink 4 Bud Lights and pass out on the couch. Tons of girls will be using the “I have a boyfriend” excuse on Hue. He’s an overall nuisance–and he absolutely has no credibility hosting an actual NFL workout. He’ll probably have Kaep throwing bubble screens and practicing handoffs.

And what’s Joe Philbin going to do there? Twirl the whistle around? He certainly can’t call plays. These are the two worst possible NFL representatives to highlight anything positive about Colin Kaepernick. It honestly would be better with even like fucking Peter Schrager hosting, was he busy filming on Saturday or something? All 32 teams have already seen enough tape on Hue Jackson and Joe Philbin.

Colin’s last and only move here is to demand he have his own video people produce the tape of his workout. Add an Meek Mill Uptown Vibes backtrack and make it black and white and at least one GM will be calling. Jon Gruden wouldn’t be able to resist such a cool IGTV video.

Watch Hue get another job out of this instead of Kaep. Roger Goodell would love nothing more.



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