Myles Garrett Smashed Mason Rudolph’s Brain In With His Own Helmet

Maybe I’m immature, or I realize sports and TV is built on ratings, but that was awesome! Absolute chaos at the end of the Steelers/Browns game tonight that was mostly boring. Myles Garrett using Mason Rudolph’s own helmet as a sledgehammer was all time. Maurkice Pouncey kicking Myles Garrett on the ground and throwing a couple of punches was a nice little added caveat. And Mason Rudolph looking like an absolute bitch was the cherry on top.

Listen the guy was frustrated. He threw 4 interceptions and they were absolutely terrible. He cost a lot of people money, me included. So forgive me if I’m not really on his side when his brains got bashed in.

This game was very one sided physically. Juju went out in the first half with a concussion.

We had receivers bleeding from their ears.

I never realized the Browns defense was out for blood, but when it’s a rivalry game you MUST throw the records out the window. Anything goes. Especially stealing a QBs helmet and bashing his brains in like its NFL Blitz 2000.

Jarvis Landry laughing as Michael Irvin tries to discuss the seriousness of the situation – the same Michael Irvin who stabbed a teammate with scissors because he was in his barbershop chair – is all time.

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