Myles Garrett Is A Psychopath But Please Shut Up

No one is here to justify or defend Myles Garrett but I do want you all to get off of your soapbox for a second and just shut the fuck up. I can’t even stomach to look at my timeline because it is just Peter King, Schefter, Florio and Rapaport stroking their dicks about how bad this is. He did a very bad thing and he is VERY lucky that helmet wasn’t facing the other direction or this might be a very different blog.

The only people who might be worse then the Schefter crew are the old white people “Well if I did that at my job I would go to jail!” Yeah well Mark no one is paying to watch you, for lack of a better term, try and murder the quarterback every week. Football is extremely violent, that doesn’t excuse what Garrett did but you can’t throw your MacBook at Karen’s head, sorry dude.

Mason Rudolph still being alive makes this a lot better for Garrett but how is this worse then all of the players who didn’t get in trouble or got a slap on the wrist for domestic violence? Is what Garrett did worse than beating up your pregnant girlfriend or did he just do it on National TV so we have to talk about it? I better not hear anything from any Baltimore fans either. Nice statue by the way guys, I am assuming that Hall Of Fame LB has a squeaky clean past correct?

Garrett has to be punished and it needs to be severe but let’s not pretend like this is the craziest or worst thing a football player has done. Get off your high horse and Schefter please stop lying on Twitter.

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