Mason Rudolph Might Sue Myles Garrett

So I’m sure you’ve seen the video of Myles Garrett going full psycho on Mason Rudolph last night. He threw a tantrum like a 3 year old who missed his afternoon nap. Or me when I missed my afternoon snack.

As a disinterested third party, was that fight entertaining? You’re goddamn right it was. But at the same time, using your helmet as a weapon is a big time pussy move. Garrett could have easily beat Rudolph’s ass with his bare hands.

That all being said, you know what’s worse than Garrett going Thor hammer on Rudolph’s head? Mason Rudolph is “having his legal team review the incident.” Come the fuck on dude. He didn’t even catch you with the crown of the helmet. You got hit with the padding. There’s nothing worse than the kid who gets his ass beat and then runs to his daddy to sue the kid who provided the beat down. That is the ultimate bitch move.

Myles – grow up and beat people up with your hands, like the good ol days. Haven’t you ever seen Friday? Weapons dont make a man tough, his fists do.

Mason – stop being a soft bitch. Dont run to your legal team and have them handle this. Do what any adult would do and have your boys jump him and properly beat his ass.

Featured Image: USA Today

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