Zeke Elliot’s Mom Wants to Beat Skip Bayless’ Ass For Throwing Away Her Son’s Jersey

Everyone has probably already seen this part, but after the Cowboys loss on SNF, Skip Bayless put on a temper tantrum and threw away his Cowboys gear (specifically a Zeke Elliot Jersey) like a 6 year old.

No, I literally did this with my Eagles, Brian Westbrook jersey when I was 6 years old.
But, what you may not have seen yet is that Zeke Elliot’s mom clapped back and wasn’t having it. She banned Bayless from wearing her sons jersey FOR LIFE.

Alright, let’s just get it out of the way and I’ll say it…Zeke’s mom is easy on the eyes. She is aging like fine wine.
Now, back to entitled old white people. Skip Bayless perfectly encapsulates the Cowboys fan base. They are impossible to argue or reason with because they act like an immature 6 year old at every turn. You have a better chance of reasoning with Bayless’s ADA microwave.
This Cowboys team is incredibly talented but they constantly underperform under Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones. They are your REAL problem, Dallas. So go ahead, throw away your best players jersey. It may not get you anywhere closer to an NFC Championship Game, but it’ll get you one step closer to Zeke’s mom beating your ass.
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