So, This Is Attempted Murder Right?

In short, yes. The two guys wielding the weapons have to be locked up forever. That guy gets a clean shot on the dude in the blue with that pulldown bar and he’s dead. Just immediately dead. Those things are heavy and would turn a human skull into a bag of jell-o. Craziest thing was after he swung on the guy he looked around to see if anyone was behind him. Uh no buddy. You’re a maniac with a murder weapon, we’re gonna be over here.  Channing Tatum look alike got the fuck out of there quick. Can’t blame him either. He smelled that there was trouble a brewing and didn’t think twice. Don’t know what drove these assholes (unless you read this site, then you guys are cool) to do this but they need to be locked up forever (once again, unless you read this blog, than maybe just get a stern talking to and move on.)

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