I Have An Official Challenge For My Archenemy Sweaty Eddie

Joe 1


So sweaty Eddie and his goons from Boston are feeling confident heading into this weekend about the Birds and Pats game. Not sure why, I assume he forgets about Super Bowl 52. The game in which the Philadelphia Eagles took Brady and the Pats to the woodshed. That coupled with the fact the Patriots just got the brakes beat off them by the Ravens and we’re talking about crazy people here. Boston should be terrified. They lose this game and that’s it for the season. No shot at going back to the Super Bowl if you can’t beat anyone of quality on the road. You can’t just scream MARCUS CANNON into your phone every week and expect to win.

But hey, they are feeling confident, so much so Eddie texted and said he wanted to make this game a little more interesting. Fine, Eddie wants to dance, let’s dance. Now the Eagles are 3 point underdogs so I should get the points but that’s how bad Eddie is sweating. Won’t even do the noble thing. Classic Boston. So the bet is straight up winner. (If they lose by 1 I’ll protest.)

What’s on the line? Loser has to do an entire weekly recap live on Twitter for an hour straight. They can talk about anything they want but no tv in the background, no phone for entertainment. Just full commitment to the stream. And one little added bonus, they have to power hour the entire time as well. That’s right, one shot of beer each minute on the minute for an hour straight. All while entertaining the world live on twitter.

Eddie is about 120 lbs soaking wet with bricks in his pockets. By a minute 40 it’s going to be completely incoherent screams and horrifying sounds that would rival a litter of cats slowly dying from the black plague.

So sweaty Eddie, do we have a deal?

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