Even James Harden Thinks This Is A Travel


I mean if we’re going to start allowing this we might as well re-write the rules of basketball. Fucking James Naismith is rolling around in his grave that the officiating crew kept quiet on the whistles. Since when are you allowed to take two steps, hesi, and go behind the back all in one move? The referees need to know that Mathisse Thybulle is going to be an All-World defender the likes of Kawhi Leonard, mixed with Gary Payton, mixed with Bruce Bowen by the time his tenure in Philly is done. That is the only way this move actually fools him – because it’s illegal. James Harden is absolutely blushing that he didn’t think of this first. He’s going to see this on House Of Highlights tonight and he may actually try to run the length of the court without taking a dribble if this is what the ref’s are letting rookies get away with.

The Sixers are down 91-88 with 7 min to go in the 4th. I can’t deal with Sixers Twitter if they drop a Tuesday game in November. I love you Process Twitter, but I also hate you at the same time.

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