This Nick Foles Video Just Ruined My Day


First off, thank you Nick Foles for helping Philadelphia get their only Super Bowl ring. Without him stepping up we wouldn’t have won it all. Those are just the facts. Now with that being said.

Fuck this guy. Steele Productions can suck me. Sick and tired of all the Foles over Wentz people. Wentz is light years beyond Foles in talent. He’s only played 49 games for the Eagles and he is basically top 5 in all passing categories. Not to mention he has the lowest interception % in franchise history for QBs that have played more than 17 games. Philadelphia fans are the best and the worst sometimes. We’re the best because our passion is undeniable. No city travels like the Philadelphia fan base travels. Yes we boo but that’s because we actually watch the games and care. The worst thing you can have in sports is empathy.

But we’re also the worst because of shit like this. Philly as a fan base is always looking to praise the bench guys. Nothing this city loves more than an undersized back up point guard. It’s crazyland over here some times. Ben Simmons has a bad game and all the idiots calling sports talk want him traded. He’s one of the most talented players to wear a Sixers uniform in decades. But people talk shit because they don’t love his game. GTFOH.

This video made me irrationally angry. Calling Foles, Tom Brady like and one of the best quarterbacks in the league. I demand this person reveals themselves. I need to debate them. Please find this person and bring him to me.

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Matt L Croft
Matt L Croft
November 13, 2019 8:07 am

People always get mad at the truth. Foles > Wentz