The Cowboys Think The MNF Cat’s Life Is Some Joke And It’s Borderline Cruelty To Animals

For any one of my 783 followers on Twitter, and for the rest of you that are missing out on helping me achieve my 1,000 follower goal by 2020, you know how torn up I have been about the Monday Night Football cat from the Giants Cowboys MNF game last week.

I’ve reached out MULTIPLE times to both the Giants, Metlife Stadium, and anyone that will listen about tracking down this poor lil guy and making sure he’s given enough treats and in a warm home before December. As far as I’m concerned there is something much deeper going on here and I’ve got a few conspiracy theories about this viral sensation. To no avail, I don’t actually believe anyone at Metlife Stadium or inside the Giants organization is trying to locate this superstar. Some would go as far as saying they are in favor of animal abuse if they don’t try harder to locate it as we’re supposed to get SNOW this week, but I’m not sure I’ll go that far.

Willing to go even further, the Cowboys seem to think this is some sick joke. That the life of a poor homeless, scared cat is funny for some reason. Before the game we had MNF cat tshirts mocking the petrified kitten.

Typical Cowboys, they took it one step further by announcing the MNF cat in their lineup before the game. You fucking scrubs wish you had someone even half as talented in their left paw as this MNF cat does.

The Cowboys were so focused on trolling this beautiful feline they forgot to worry about beating an Adam Thielen-less Kirk Cousins and the Minnesota Vikings and they deserve every moment of pain and suffering that it caused. You want to fuck around about the life of an innocent kitty, let alone a black cat, you see what type of wrath is coming your way. Dallas might just be cursed forever for these sick jokes. Enjoy Dak’s air humping. PETA’s next.


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