Something Deadspin Will Never Write


Barstool Sports is for the right wing misogynistic assholes. They only care about themselves and are led by their founder, Dave Portnoy, who is a self centered egotistical fuck.

That is something you would definitely read on Deadspin or whatever other shitbag site the ghosts of cry babies past are writing for these days. But something you won’t read on Deadspin or NBC or The Daily Beast: “Dave Portnoy And Chaps From Barstool Sports Help Veterans With PTSD.” Why you ask? Because it doesn’t fit the narrative that these are evil humans. But yet……here we are

And an update so far?

So if they stopped right now you’ll be looking at a cool $66,000 donated tonight by Stoolies and Dave Portnoy himself. But fortunately the Stoolies have a track record of going above and beyond. If I had to put an over/under on the total amount donated when the dust settles, I’ll put that at $120K. And if I were a betting man (which by the way Seahawks +6.5 looked like free money heading into tonight) I’d say hammer that over.

If Deadspin’s patsies wanted to make a stand they would donate to charity. Try and bankrupt Portnoy. But they won’t, they would never. Impossible for them to look further than the three feet in front of their faces. Sad really.

So take a moment and donate please. I just did and I recommend you do they same. You can go tomorrow without your cup of coffee. Go to Venmo and donate @Unclechaps

Thank you to all the veterans for your sacrifices.

Something else you’d never hear Deadspin say.

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