Okay Phil, We See You

It’s been an interesting start of the season for the Flyers. They are currently on a 4 game win streak, winning a third consecutive game 3-2 in a shootout.

The most surprising story to come from this recent success is Philippe Myers. Story time.

Passed up in each of his eligible draft years he was invited to Calgary’s prospect camp, but was allowed to walk. Right to Philadelphia. The 6 ft 5 right handed defensemen was just what the Flyers were looking for. He’s had two great season in Leigh Valley and played 21 games for the Flyers last season.

He started the season in LV but has no become a regular after his 6th game and recording 4 points. Why is that important? 3 of them our goals, and absolutely beautiful. He is currently on a 3 game goal streak!

Want some motivation Monday? After being passed up 840 times give or take in the draft, he’s now a full time NHLer.

Go Phil, keep them coming!

-Intern Mitch

Featured Photo- Philadelphia Inquirer

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