Holy Shit The LSU Welcome Home After They Beat Bama Is Nuts


Living up in the northeastern hemisphere of the United States it’s hard to equate how much College Football really means to the South. Those videos really put it into perspective how much this win means to Louisiana who was forced to have Alabama play big brother for the last 10 years.

The LSU Tigers get off the plane and there are millions waiting for them at the Baton Rouge Airport. Joe Burrows running along the fence to high five everyone. Mrs. Coach O looking a little drunk coming off the plane to hug the Governor of Louisiana. The LSU bus driver spotting her son in the crowd welcoming the team back. This LSU team is absolutely awesome from top to bottom.

If you’re out of college and you didn’t think, “Holy shit Joe Burrow is going to get so much pussy tonight” then you and I would never get along.


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