Finally Monty G Gets To Rap About A Sixers Win


“We’re rising to the top, don’t ya never stop!”

The 9 best words you’ll ever here after a Sixers win! The Charlotte Hornets thought they could go on a little 11-0 run in the 4Q, but forgot they have Miles Bridges and…well no one else.

I’m happy Monty G was able to finally drop some fire bars after a win! If you read Sixers Twitter feels like it’s been 2 months since we’ve won, but its really been eight days. The next six opponents looks like Cavs, Magic, Thunder, Cavs again, Knicks, & Spurs. the Sixers are bound to go 5-1 and start 11-4. If you’re not happy with that start then I don’t know what to tell you. What I do know is 5-1 feels like a lot of fire Monty G raps.

Just imagine what that Patriots rap is going to be like next Sunday. I’ll give you a whole week to think of it but I feel like Monty has something big cooking!


8G’s out of 10

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