“Roll Tide. What? Fuck You” – Coach O


Holy shit I am in love with a 50 year old Creole man down in the Bayou! HOLD THAT MOTHERFUCKING TIGER BITCH! If Auburn can’t win the title, shout out Game Day Guide, then I want Coach O hoisting that trophy in January. There is no way you can’t love this guy! He is everything that epitomizes college football! Southern, passionate, can’t understand every third word. EVERYTHING! This was the cherry on top of the cake from a pretty awesome postgame he already had.

He declared Bryant Denney Stadium his after the game on the Alabama 50 yard line! Coach O’s Baker Mayfield on OSU’s field moment.

He was tearing up in the postgame interview.

Just a big god damn gumbo eating Teddy Bear! God Bless college football! God Bless Coach O!



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