Monty G Speaks For All Of Philadelphia When It Comes To The Sixers Recent Struggles

Monty G is the lifeblood of this city. He lives and dies on every Sixers and Eagles game (black guys rarely watch hockey and baseball). Win or lose he delivers a performance with lyrical prowess synonymous with Biggie, Jay Z, and Eminem.

He shot rhymes from the hip like he was Butch Cassidy at midnight no less! Monty G making content while everyone else sleeps. You don’t need to read a recap from a Sixers beat writer to get a game synopsis, Monty can do it for you in 17 seconds. Entertaining and efficient.

“Sixers team where the hell y’all at” “UHHHHHHH!”

Genius. Subtle. But true.

Where is this team at these last three games? Spoiler Alert: they haven’t had a full healthy team in the last three years, just relax the NBA doesn’t start before Christmas.

Though he contradicted himself with the last few lines I’m not deducting any points, still chalking this one up to one of Monty G’s best yet.


8G’s out of 10

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