Monty G Put Me In A Bodybag With His Flyers Rap Tonight!


Fucking Monty G! I blogged about his Sixers video earlier today and mentioned he only raps about Sixers and Eagles because black people don’t watch hockey, which is true, and then he just drops this Pizza Rolls right out of the microwave fire flames rap right in my eyeball! Monty G just totally bodybagged me on a casual Saturday night. I just put on my PJ’s, poured me a nice Bulleit Bourbon night cap, and am about to turn on the Hawaii game because I have the over at 78.5. I was expecting tonight to be really chill, but Monty had to go and put a toe tag on my body while it was still warm! Fucking Monty G! There’s a reason they call him the ‘#1 HYPE MAN & HYPE FAN’.

He might have stumbled out of the gate with a long awkward pause to start, but he came roaring back with the, ‘Ya the number one team you looked so nice, ya’ll the best damn team skatin on ice’ bar. Just as I thought he couldn’t surprise me anymore he goes and drops a fire ass rap about the Flyers.


Screen Shot 2019-11-09 at 10.54.28 PM.png8.5Gs out of 10


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