Dion Waiters OD’d On Weed Gummies On The Heat Plane

Anyone whoever was ridiculed for asking if you could overdose on weed is lifting their head off their pillow a little more confidently this morning. We’ve all been there. Your buddies in college cook up some weed brownies or someone in your dorm comes back from California with some Trolli Creepy Crawlers. You take one and it doesn’t kick in and you think it’s a bad batch. So you take a couple more and all of a sudden you’re sinking into your bed like you’re in Get Out. Your night is ruined and you spend the next 5 hours contemplating your life and your role in it.

I did a little more digging and…Are we sure Jimmy Butler had nothing to do with this? The guy just loves imploding teams from the inside. Probably got a bad batch of gummies off of some Arizona State Kappa fraternity brother while he was in Phoenix and gave them to Dion. I mean look at the Heat’s Depth Chart?

Screen Shot 2019-11-09 at 10.03.50 AM

Everyone who is backing up Jimmy Butler is listed Day to Day on the injury report. Duncan Robinson better have his head on a swivel! Jimmy can’t come out of the game if there is no one to back him up.



Vet move by Erik Spoelstra getting out of the post-game media scrum without having to answer the report.


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