Today Was The Best Day Of Mark Emmert & The NCAAs Life

It’s not everyday an organization who’s been around for 150 years gets to call present day the best day ever in their history. But today marked the greatest day in NCAA and Mark Emmert’s lives being able to suspend TWO potential #1 picks in the two most popular American sports drafts the NBA and NFL.

Lets start with Chase Young, #1 Ohio State’s star linebacker, who was ruled ineligible for OSU’s game this weekend against Maryland for receiving a loan from a family friend before his freshman season, but which he’s paid back in full since. But since this is the NCAA they can’t let something go that originally occurred two years prior and probably came to light because Young was receiving Heisman attention and the NCAA was tipped off by a disgruntled family member or confidant to the Young family. Because we know the NCAAs crack team of private investigators couldn’t be bothered with actually diving into a situation that happened almost 3 years ago.

After everyone had their fun fileting the NCAA on Twitter for a couple hours the dust settled. But not before a Friday news dump by the NCAA that James Wiseman, Memphis Tigers forward, would be ineligible for the NCAA basketball season. The reasoning is because while Penny Hardaway was coaching high school ball he gave Wiseman’s family $11,500 to help move to Memphis. Hardaway is considered a booster because of his $1 million donation to the Memphis University Hall of Fame…in 2008. Good guy Penny Hardaway building a HOF wing for his university 11 years ago affects James Wiseman when he was 8 years old at the time and was already on NBA 2020 draft boards as a 3rd grader. You can’t make this stuff up NCAA. It’s like assholes who dig up old tweets from famous players when they were 15 years old to try and cancel them. NCAA is trying to cancel Penny Hardaway.

I can’t wait for the NCAA to fold. It’s going to be so glorious and it’s right around the corner. They already had to revamp their policies because California put them in a leg lock and more states were going to follow. And their new policies aren’t even that effective for students and most likely come with high taxes and restrictions. So once the one and done rule is changed in 2022 and players can start making images off their likeness without being regulated by the NCAA they have no choice but to fold by 2035 and the last slaveowner in the United States will finally die.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

P.S. James Wiseman’s lawyer Leslie Ballin isn’t one to be messed with. The guy defeated God…

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