This Picture Of James Ennis Has The Internet Talking About His Hog

Two dick blogs in the last 24 hours. Welcome to Branded Sports people. I saw on twitter people were tweeting about James Ennis and him having a monster dick. Of course I didn’t wake up today thinking I need to search for a hog pic but I have to do the right thing for the readers. So I present to you James Ennis in sweatpants aka don’t let your wife, girlfriend or fiancé become a Sixers fan.

Jesus Christ James. Looks like a can of baked beans. Makes all of his rebounds even that much more impressive. Can’t be easy having a high vertical when you have an extra 10 pounds hanging between your legs to get off the ground. Good for James. I don’t exactly understand what shape of penis we’re looking at here but it’s clear the guy finishes fights.

Ps. This makes the whole turn down a bigger contract thing this summer. Before we thought, “oh Ennis turned down more money because he loves Philly.” Nope. When you got a elbow where your dick is supposed to be, money is meaningless.

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