Antonio Brown’s Burner Getting Exposed On Twitter It Looks Like

So full disclosure before we get too deep into this blog. Because as we all know Antonio Brown is strapped for cash right now throwing all his money away this year. We’re not confirming that this is in fact Antonio Brown’s burner. What we’re saying is that it looks like there is a really good chance that this is AB’s burner. And we’ve got some evidence.

Everyone is jumping in on the Antonio Brown burner convo. And if you look at these tweets it’s clear that if this guy isn’t AB, he sure as shit loves the guy. The first bit of evidence that this might be AB himself is the the grammar. If we all recall the Antonio Brown emails, this guy skipped a ton of English classes at Central Michigan. Mr. Tav58111115 seems to have attended skipped the same classes as Antonio.

Stephen seems to have found another link.

Welp, that’s all the evidence I needed. Tav = AB.

Oh boy, now we have multiple accounts being listed. This guy really is a content machine. Go AB Go!

Featured Image: The Spun

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