Lenny Dykstra Making Videos Talking About His Circumcision Is Why Twitter Was Invented


Not much to say here, let’s jump right to the clip.

I mean the guy is a content machine. Just quietly on a Thursday morning you can go to Twitter and hear about Lenny Dykstra’s circumcised penis and all the “anteater dicks” hehe’s seen in his life. His words, not mine. I just love this fucking guy. The fact that the Phillies didn’t even give him a call to be their manager is just preposterous.

Lenny Dykstra could easily be a third base coach. The Phillies would lead the league in in the park homeruns and getting tossed out at home. Because there’s no way on God’s green earth Lenny is throwing up a stop sign at third.

If you don’t follow him on Twitter you’re an absolute noodle. This type of content is just daily for this guy. I need a Camera on Lenny 24/7.  God bless America and God blessed Lenny Dykstra.

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