Dez Bryant Wants You To Know He Is Planning On Reaching Out To Teams In A Few Weeks


Since no one was spreading rumors about a Dez Bryant comeback, Dez Bryant had to do it himself.

Nothing like a pre-announcement announcement to get the story going enough that maybe Jon Gruden would fall for it and bring in for a workout. Honestly I’m still kind of curious if Dez could still break out for a game or two. Be a serviceable move the chains kind of guy or if he just lost it completely. Luckily for me, the first 6,000 responses to that tweet are the Bill Belichick ignoring the kids high fives video, Bill Belichick drinking OJ and Bill Belichick looking at the binoculars.

I feel like this is probably not how it works. You want the teams to be reaching out to you. If they aren’t reaching out, they probably aren’t interested. At least that’s what I learned from that movie with the Mac guy and Bradley Cooper. Dez is definitely the desperate girl who was kind of annoying but overall attractive enough to find love. I mean, Eagles, what’s the worst that could happen? They are probably begging Howie to sign Dez in Philadelphia, they love trolling that dude.

Now Dez has to be all in with this comeback. You can’t make a pre-announement announcement that you feel good and are going to reach out to teams if you suck. You actually have to reach out to the teams in a few weeks. It feels like one of those situations where current you doesn’t think about future you and the commitment you make when you tweet that. It’s like a New Years resolution except for the fact that we’ve all mutually agreed to not follow up on those.

If you’re one of the teams Dez reaches out to are you flattered or would you rather not have to say no in the first place? Does he still have an agent or is he just going to DM some GM’s?? Can you just call teams to see if they’re interested? How does that work?

I say give him a shot.


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