Antonio Brown Just Told the NFL to Fuck Off and Quit (Again)

Soooo you’re telling me that Antonio Brown will NOT be signing with Eagles?

Look, as desperate as the Eagles are we can’t rule out the theory that his account make have been hacked. Even though the run-on sentences make no fucking sense, this could be a copy cat job.

Feels like every time AB gets close to overcoming his most recent stint, he shoots himself in the foot, Cheddar Bob style.

Earlier today, Josina Anderson reported (no word yet on if Alshon Jeffery was her source again) that Brown would have a meeting with the NFL next week. If all went well with the NFL’s investigation, teams were interested in bringing him in.

One hour later, he tweeted Fuck the NFL.

The NFL dream is probably over. Most likely the XFL too. At this point, the best chance at making money for AB is a PPV event with Floyd Mayweather where the first one to use a comma correctly gets $500 million.

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